Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Terrorists intrusion of Sabah. Who is at fault?

N.B. This article was earlier published in the Inter-Research And Studies (IRAS) website on 21 February 2013

The intrusion of Lahad Datu, Sabah by a group of heavily armed terrorists believed to be originated from the Southern Philippines has been one of the major highlights in the current news reports. So, who is actually at fault in this crisis situation?

Our main question here is, where is the Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) and the Royal Malaysian Air Force (TUDM) as well as the Army (TDM) who are supposed to watch over the waters, air and the lands in our country? Another big question mark to the Ministry of Defense which is currently under minister Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who is also the Umno vice-president.

It was understood that the Ministry of Defense had spend billions of Ringgit under the tenure of the then Datuk Najib Razak and the current Datuk Ahmad Zahid to acquire many kinds of modern weapons, such as the MIG aircrafts, the naval patrol vessels, gunboats, the Scorpene submarines and the Russian made main battle tanks in order to effective secure our nation from enemy intruders. Yes, those billions of Ringgit indeed came from the pockets of our hard earned taxpayers.

But what happened in the end? Those jets are not patrolling the air, the submarines are not in the sea and those naval patrol vessels and the gunboats are not on our nation's waters. Where have all these modern war machines which the Ministry of Defense has acquired gone to? There are not even a sign of these on patrol. Those terrorist just rammed their way into our Malaysian waters without being stopped by our nation's military, be it air, sea or land.

And when these terrorist intruded into our land, went into Lahad Datu and pledged to remain there for as long as they like, with all their heavy weapons in hand, the Ministry of Defense and the military decided not to intervene and instead the responsibility of defending this nation was past over to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the police force. There comes the home affairs minister Hishammuddin Hussein (who is also another Umno vice-president) rushing over to Sabah after the public outcry over his inaction to stage a negotiation plan with those terrorists.

The grave disappointment here is, the minister has decided that these terrorists are in fact not terrorists, also not militants, not provocative and so on. It seems that the BN government and the authorities has decided to treat these intruding terrorists as friends and guests, thus negotiation continues in order to persuade them to leave Lahad Datu without a fight. It has been more than a week now and according to Hishammuddin and the inspector-general of police, the negotiation is still on and the police chief still have the guts to say that "we know what we are doing" remark to our people in an arrogant manner.

There's not even a single hostage were taken, and these terrorists came into our lands with their heavy weaponry like wanting to declare war. Yes, they had openly declared that they wanted to reclaim Sabah, because the state was once part of the "Sultanate of Sulu". The situation there was these terrorists had in fact already declared war on Malaysia by putting their claim on Sabah.

And yet the BN government is still negotiating with them with utmost open arms, like friends and buddies. What is the purpose? These terrorist are already at war with our nation and our police as well as military does not seem to even initiate any strike back efforts against them. If you are so soft to them, we are certain that there will be more intrusion in near future and it may be even far more worst then the current situation.

The defense minister, home affairs minister, the armed forces chief, the army chief of staff, the air force chief and the navy chief, you all have yet to demonstrate your duties and responsibilities to our nation when it comes to such a critical situation. Your loyalty now is being further questioned.